From sour to balance; step by step

You already know what can happen due to acidity in the body, as well as what the symptoms are (if not – here is the link: did we get acid?)

But if you have concluded that your body is also acidic, it is time to do something. Whether you decide to lose weight, work on cellulite, or just want to be healthy, this program will help you.

We follow the client that is on the program, and we bring you her diary, recipes and suggestions day after day.

kg = 66.3

Navel circumference – 86 cm

pH – 5.0 – AWFUL

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH; 3 dcl of lukewarm water with drained (() lemon

BREAKFAST; coffee with sugar (today I couldn’t resist coffee, tomorrow I will), 2 dried figs, 8 almonds and 1 banana.

LUNCH; Pumpkin soup with ginger.

Spinach cooked with potatoes and zucchini.



Recipe: Clean the pumpkin and cut it into cubes, cook for about 15 minutes and mix with a stick mixer

-Grate ginger and serve in a plate with a little fresh parsley.

-Wash well green spinach (approx. 30 dkg) – preferably homemade, and put in boiling water.

-I cooked potatoes and zucchini separately. When everything is cooked (spinach is in about 10 minutes),

-strain, put everything together in a bowl with a fork, mash and stir and season with a little olive oil and salt.

-Beetroot (home-cooked) and cut into thin slices, and season it with very little salt, butter. oil and lemon.

MEAL: Styler tea 1 and mango

DINNER: same as for lunch, portion twice smaller.

EXERCISE: it’s raining, so I replaced walking with an orbitrek for 30 minutes

WATER: In the morning I made 1L of water and put ginger inside cut into small slices and half a lemon peeled and sliced.

I drank a total of 2 L. of water

TREATMENT: full body peeling and Dermiocare 30 min. After the treatment I smelled a really unbearable smell from the bag and this is a total sign that I have to persevere with my diet.

Dermiocare treatment – more

FEELING: I’m motivated in the morning and can’t wait to get started. When I saw the pH bar totally acidic – I wanted even more. I ate lunch, and it just suited me and it’s filling. All in all, towards the end of the day, I feel that my toxins are starting to run away from my body because I already feel lighter. Maybe it’s not that, but a sudden drop in pressure, but I definitely want to imagine that they’re leaving and that’s why. The feeling of being able to get back to work after lunch is phenomenal, no matter what I’m fed up with. I don’t feel the weight of the food.

Tomorrow I will try to start the day without coffee in the morning, it will be a challenge.

kg: 66.00

pH; 6.5 – YEEEEEAH

Waist circumference: 84 cm

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: 3.5 dcl of lukewarm water with lemon

BREAKFAST: bananas and almonds

SNACK: STYLER TEA and flax seeds

LUNCH: cabbage, carrots and celery

SNACK: mango and styler tea

Recipe: I cleaned and steamed all the vegetables (you can also steam them). Drain and season with a little salt and butter.


EXERCISE: nothing today – unfortunately

TREATMENT: Dermiocare – 30 min

This really cheered me up. 2nd day and I’m not so sour anymore;)


kg: 65.70

pH; 6.5 – YEEEEEAH again

Waist circumference: 83 cm

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: 3.5 dcl of lukewarm water with lemon



LUNCH: Oyster mushrooms stewed in a little butter, broccoli and zucchini, kale – cooked without additives

SNACK: apple and a little cinnamon

DINNER: Spinach with a little salt and olive oil and hake

EXERCISE: 30 min orbitrek

TREATMENT: Dermiocare – 30 min

FEELING: is phenomenal. I feel so much lighter, like I lost 15 lbs. Everything is easier for me from getting up in the morning to training. My skin has a special glow, I have a feeling that it is tighter, on my face. It is less dry on the body, although it normally peels as dry as it is, it is now normal.

I’m sure I’ll last longer than 7 days too, because it’s worth it.

kg: 65.30


Waist circumference: 82.5 cm

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: 3.5 dcl of lukewarm water with lemon

BREAKFAST: Ginger tea, 1 tablespoon honey, dried figs


LUNCH: Vegetable soup: broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onion, carrot, celery – season vegetables

SNACK: banana

DINNER: chard and hard-boiled egg

EXERCISE: 30 min orbitrek, 40 sit-ups

TREATMENT: Dermiocare – 30 min

FEELING: the feeling is still wonderful. But now I’m starting to miss meat … I’m a meat type by the way … and it’s hard for me … but it’s really worth it, I’ll endure … it’s a little hard today ;(

kg: 64.60


Waist circumference: 81.5 cm

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: 3.5 dcl of lukewarm water with lemon



LUNCH: arugula, cauliflower and chicken steak

SNACK: kiwi

DINNER: Lettuce, beets, and cauliflower spiced

EXERCISE: 30 min orbitrek, 50 sit-ups

TREATMENT: Dermiocare – 30 min

FEELING: Everything is great, I think less about meat, but I will not extend after 7 days. It’s not easy if you’re a carnivore. I was thrilled today that the bag had almost no odor after the dermiocare treatment. When I did the treatment for the first time, the therapist warned me given the condition on the pH bar, that a bag would be felt at the end of the treatment on the eggs. And so it was, on rotten eggs. She didn’t smell at all today. And I’m just happy about it, everything somehow goes easier.

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