Heavy, swollen and sore legs are the daily routine of the vast majority of women today but also men.

Why are our legs swollen?

– Mostly because our lymph is not working properly. Lymph is a fluid that is shallow under the skin, and the only thing that drives it are the muscles. Which means when we sit or stand and our muscles are not moving, the lymph fluid has no way to move. Fortunately, there are ways that the lymph flow can be accelerated, the legs “blown out” and achieve a feeling of lighter, thinner and more energetic legs.

– Food intolerance – often this is with lymphatic stasis or in itself a cause of swelling of the legs. Many times we are not even aware that some foods or supplements do not suit the body, and a common reaction of the body is to retain water. Swollen legs and even joints can be the result of intolerance and are most often on: additives, preservatives, lactose, “bad” carbohydrates, alcohol and excessive sugars. In other words, a proper diet can largely eliminate this problem.

– Overweight – the pressure that makes overweight prevents the proper passage of lymph flow.

– Insufficient water intake – the simplest explanation: IT IS DIFFICULT TO WASH GOODS IN THE “WASHING MACHINE WITHOUT WATER”. It is equally inconceivable to cleanse the body without water.

– Problems with blood vessels – veins, varicose veins, rupture of capillaries and arterial diseases are often closely related to lymphatic stasis. It would certainly be good to do a blood vessel examination and eliminate this problem.

– Insufficient physical activity – As we have already explained that the lymph is driven by muscles, it is clear that in the absence of muscle activity there is no flow. And good flow is the name of this game!

– Lymphatic pathway may be stopped or stopped during surgery – If local swelling or edema is present, it may indicate a lymphatic flow arrest that may have occurred during surgery.

– Trauma (fracture) – but this is short-term

– Standing or sitting during working hours – Workplaces today require a lot of sitting or standing. Both vascular health is detrimental to health. This way of life brings a lot of consequences, both early and very young people. If you are in any way able to combine work so that you can be more active after some time of sitting, be sure to take advantage of it. If you are unable to, at least try to get up and walk every now and then, or at least stretch. Coming to work on foot or walking during breaks can also be of great help.

How can we stimulate lymph flow?

What is lymph?

The lymphatic system is a vital part of the immune system, and an important function of this system is to remove toxins from cells. It is made up of a network of lymph vessels that carry fluid (lymph) and it is very similar to blood plasma. Lymphatic vessels act as drainage channels that are responsible for draining waste products from the body. In other words, if this system does not work, waste products cannot be removed from the body. That is why it is extremely important to keep this system passable and as clean as possible.

How does the lymphatic system work?

Unlike the bloodstream, the lymphatic system is one-way and does not have a pump (heart) that is a pump, so only muscle activity drives the flow of lymph fluid. This is why people who sit or stand for a long time often have swollen legs or even edema.

It is unidirectional and goes from the periphery to the main lymph nodes.

In other words, the lymph fluid goes from the feet up and buys “impurities” from the body with the lymph fluid, which then goes to the lymph nodes and eventually exits into the left or right subclavian vein and mixes with the blood. But in order for the lymph fluid to move in this direction, muscle pressure on the lymph vessel is required. Which means that when our muscles are at rest (when we are standing, sitting, lying down) there is no muscle action and there is nothing to push the lymph fluid in the direction perpendicular to gravity.

And that’s why there is stagnation and swollen legs.

Previously, when people moved a lot more, it was difficult to imagine swollen ankles or feet if there was no diagnosis, ie a disorder in the lymphatic or blood vessels. Today, unfortunately, the vast majority of the population has heavy or swollen legs syndrome.

Remember that your every movement of the muscles actually triggers the lymph fluid and thus cleanses the body.

1. Nutrition that stimulates the lymph:

to stimulate lymph flow, the diet plan should be “pure food” which means foods as raw, cooked or grilled as possible, without sauces, additives, preservatives and as little salt as possible. Fish, meat, vegetables and fruits in the right proportions, definitely an advantage to vegetables and salads.

Foods that significantly contribute to lymph cleansing are; garlic, citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit), seeds and nuts, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper, spinach, chard, kale, beets.

2. Drinking water – 3 dcl of water per 10 kg of body weight. Which means someone who has 70 kg of body weight should drink 2.1 L of water

3. Physical activity – find physical activity that makes you happy, and walking is ideal to start. Walk for at least 45-60 minutes a day. Any training on top of walking will further contribute to better lymph function.

4. Styler tea – stimulates lymph flow. of 0.5 -1 liter of tea a day, will encourage urination and expelling excess water from the body. This is a tea that we also call detox or anti-cellulite precisely because the accumulation of water is one of the problems with the appearance of cellulite. Prepare for more frequent urination at the beginning (1-3 days), and then the system will stabilize. Styler tea is perfectly balanced in its composition, so that it acts as a diuretic but also replenishes minerals and vitamins.

5. Styler cream – a cream that stimulates the lymph, lubricate the feet or the whole body once a day while doing the program. This cream is also ideal as a body lotion, so it can continue to be applied afterwards. Especially if the person is prone to water retention

6. Stimulation of lymphatic drainage; it can be achieved in several ways. It is best to consult a therapist who will determine at what stage your problem is during the examination and which therapy will be ideal for you. Depending on the cause and stage of lymphatic stasis, therapy will be determined. Visit your nearest High Care Center and get advice.

Medical mechanical lymphatic drainage, body wrapp, or vacumed are ways we can stimulate lymph from the outside.

This is a pleasant, painless treatment that lasts 45-60 minutes. Increased urination, lighter legs and less volume is the first thing you will feel after mechanical lymphatic drainage.

Body Wrapp is an old method that is also extremely effective. The treatment is also painless and pleasant, and lasts 60 minutes. Stimulates the excretion of retained water.

Vacumed – space technology in the service of vascular health and lymphatic flow. The therapy is pleasant and painless, lasts 30 minutes, the client is trained, it is suggested in some light clothes (tracksuit). Feeling of light legs, increased urination and the effect on the promotion of circulation is as if you were running for 90 minutes. The legs are warmer, and the pain, if present, usually disappears or decreases significantly after 10 treatments. The edema recedes and the volume decreases.

The aesthetic effect on the body is by no means negligible. On the contrary, a large number of clients come to ask for help precisely for aesthetic and not health reasons. The good news is that all of these methods help in both health and aesthetics. Cellulite is smaller, the volume is smaller, the figure is different, the elimination of excess water also shows a much smaller number on the scales. In terms of aesthetics, you will benefit, but more importantly, you will feel more energetic and healthy, more flexible, and you will also prevent blood vessel diseases.

And finally, what is most important; every organism is different. Everyone can best listen to their body and act or prevent it!

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Catch your wave of life and rule over it, not him over you!

Stay healthy and beautiful!

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