Dry skin is thinner, and although seemingly simple, it is much more complicated to care for. And more expensive.

Ever since I’ve known my skin has been dry, sometimes to the point of pain. Especially during the winter. It peels, looks older, wrinkles easier and faster, is not smooth and taut.

These are my golden rules: maybe it will help some of you.

1. I clean my face every morning and evening. I never go to bed if I haven’t cleaned my face, whether I have makeup on or not. The same the morning. I never apply the cream before I clean my face.

2. I haven’t washed my face with water for more than 25 years. And I won’t. Water (which is full of limescale tightens the already dry skin even more). I found a product that should not be rinsed with water, in fact, and additionally nourishes. Removes all impurities and does not dry the skin. In the morning after the milk I cover my face with an alcohol-free tonic, before the cream. In the evenings sometimes I don’t even need cream after milk. But it took me years to get to this stage.

3. I do exfoliation, but only once a month. Not more than that.

4. Hyaluron never on the skin, clean hyaluron only dries my dry skin even more. A completely different story is when a hyaluron beautician applies it to you by ultrasound or some other way, and then removes the rest. But directly on the skin – NO and NO.

5. Olive oil – on the skin, in food, in salads and in all possible ways… Omega 3 and not to drown you further. In short, as much as possible.

6. I force myself to drink a lot of water – I think of all the ways to deceive myself because I am never thirsty.

7. VIVA or BALANCE – CREAM without which I can’t imagine winter. Balance is very very thick and greasy, I would say impenetrable, I use it for extreme winter conditions like yesterday, today, tomorrow, wind, snow… VIVA, I don’t have enough words for this cream, this is my treasure. The cream gives the skin a natural glow, which is almost impossible to achieve when dry. It’s rich, but I feel it nourishes my skin very nicely and I just don’t know what autumn, winter and half spring would be without it.

8. I make a mask once a month, the sauna does me good, and care in a beauty salon is definitely welcome whenever I have the financial means. I avoid cleansing my face, I did it once, and I’m afraid that’s the last time.


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