How does sleep affect the formation of wrinkles on the face? Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, this is something worth considering.

Most wrinkles occur as a result of muscle contraction.
But sleep wrinkles are different; they are caused by repeated pressure of the face on the pillow during sleep. Imagine sleeping on a pillow that is woven or has a pattern. Don’t you think they would wake up with that pattern on their face and it would take a few minutes for it to recede? Likewise, sleeping in a certain way will cause wrinkles. The vertical or oblique lines that occur on the forehead, under the eyes, on either side of the nose, on the lower part of the cheek, and on the chin, as shown in the figure, are the most common. If you sleep significantly more on one side of your face than on the other, you will notice that wrinkles develop faster on that side. Look at it this way: our skin is attached to muscles and subcutaneous structures. Parts of the skin of our face will move when we rest our head on the pillow, but since the area of ​​skin that is well attached to the subcutaneous structures resists the pressure on the pillow, a line will form at that point.

1. Sleep on your back

Since sleeping with your face resting on a pillow is the main cause of sleep wrinkles, this is a purely logical measure of prevention. For some people, sleeping on their backs is a problem, either due to being overweight or breathing problems, such as sleep apnea. Unless you are really persistent and determined about changing your sleeping habits, this solution will not be particularly practical. But nothing is impossible.

2. Anti-wrinkle pillows

Recent research has shown that using a hollow pillow has reduced the appearance of lines from sleeping in the morning, which also means fewer sleep wrinkles in the future. There are some other pillows that fall into this category, such as the Vasseur Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow and the SpaceSleeper Pillow, but there is no evidence yet to decide which one is best.

Don’t forget to prevent wrinkles on the décolleté in addition to facial wrinkles.

There are great solutions to this problem today.

3. Silk pillows

It is also wise to invest in silk or satin pillows. These materials allow the skin to move on them with less friction compared to cotton pillows, which reduces the ability to form lines.

4. Tripeptinone – night lifting in capsules

Another option are our Tripeptinone face capsules.

Hanging, loss of firmness and elasticity caused by sleep wrinkles, indicate tearing in the connective tissue of the skin. Tripeptinone ™ is an ultra luxurious serum that is quickly absorbed into your skin and begins to work from the first use. Tripeptinone comes in 40 unique capsules for single use. These patented anti-wrinkle capsules deliver directly to your skin!

  • they help make your face, neck and décolleté zone look firm and toned
  • help to perfect the complexion, for a great and youthful look
  • enhance hydration
  • help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Regarding sleep wrinkles, we recommend:

1. Avoid sleeping with your face resting on a pillow

2. Choosing pillows designed for sleeping

3. Silk pillows

4. Tripeptinone face capsules, containing extracts designed to lift and firm facial skin


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